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999 pages | 9 full animations


Science-fantasy webcomic following a group of adlets as they grip with a dangerous reality-altering game and its ramifications on their home planet, Nobriel.

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768 pages | 9 full animations


A comedic and surreal webcomic following the reigns of Andrew Hussie's Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, following a group of friends cartoonishly hobbling their way

out of a lawsuit.

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Stella Somnium

4 levels | WIP engine

(Work In Progress)

Wistful SNES-styled platformer

set in a dying universe as its cast of characters race to find a way to prevent the deterioration of

reality itself.



Hi there, I'm Zerio! I'm a multifaceted creator who appreciates the innate value of human creativity, the stories it can tell across many different formats and genres, and the emotions that said stories can evoke in their audiences. Although I have a strong drive to carve my own path and have a dedicated focus to my own creative endeavors, I also love the idea of helping other people realize the full potential of their ideas and would be happy to help in a number of ways. These include drawing my own rendition of existing ideas that need to be put to paper, designing new characters and landscapes for a story that needs some fleshing out, and possibly even providing short animations to help the world feel more alive. My potential services aren't limited to just fiction, either; I'd also be willing to do things for real-world application such as designing logos, marketing, and perhaps even package designs. Just check out my portfolio below and contact me if interested, and we can start to arrange something!



Synodic Reboot - Page 743

The Boy with the Broken Halo

Synodic Reboot - Page 940

The Other Hand

Synodic Reboot - Page 659

Sweet Hella Quest - Page 579

Synodic Reboot - Page 781

Cd-i Styled Travis Brody

Synodic Reboot - Page 910

Downhill Race

Synodic Reboot - Page 992

Zephyr - Page 4



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